Front cover of the 2024 Hunting Regulations Summary with a man and woman sitting with their hunting dog and hunting gear on the tailgate of a pick up truck

Cover photo: Reborn Creative Media – by Ryan Hawkins

The anticipation of going hunting begins long before the actual hunt, as hunters immerse themselves in the planning and organization that precede a successful expedition. For some, field training days with their hunting dog is part of the preparation. It is a unique experience that deepens the bond between hunters and their canine companions. With a variety of wildlife, Ontario offers an abundance of opportunities to hunt wild game and put healthy and sustainably sourced food on the table. Hunting is an exciting experience that resonates with those who value the connection between nature, tradition, and harvesting their own food.

Whether field training, organizing gear in the off-season, or making upgrades to a hunt camp, the process of preparation connects those who enjoy the outdoors. It goes beyond the pursuit of game. It’s an opportunity for friends and family to gather, share stories, tips and strategies, and strengthen the bond among individuals who share a common passion. The tradition of preparation continues to be an integral and one of the most enjoyable parts of being a hunter.