The Ontario Hunter Education Course instills responsible hunting practices to respect hunting regulations, prevent accidents and ensure public safety. The course can be taken in-person from a certified instructor or online.

The course provides information about:

  • wildlife management
  • hunter responsibilities
  • hunting laws and regulations
  • hunting safety and equipment
  • hunting techniques
  • wildlife identification

For more information about the course or how to find a course in your area, please visit

Successful completion of the course, and purchase of applicable licences allows hunters to hunt with a bow in Ontario. In order to hunt with a gun, successful completion of the Canadian Firearms Safety Course (CFSC) is required. Refer to the hunting licence information section for more information.

The Ontario Hunter Education Course and the CFSC are often delivered together in-person, however, both courses are available independently, if desired.

Plan ahead: Make sure you plan ahead to ensure you obtain training and accreditation well in advance of the hunting season. In Ontario, students who have taken a CFSC and test will receive a stamped copy of their CFSC student report form approximately four to six weeks from the date the paper work is received. The stamped copy of your CFSC student report form will be the official documentation showing the successful completion of the CFSC before you receive your Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL) or minor’s licence.

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