Beekeeper registration

A certificate of registration, issued by the Provincial Apiarist, is required for any person who owns or is in possession of honey bees or beekeeping equipment, but does not include a person who is in possession of new beekeeping equipment for the purpose of transportation, distribution or sale or who is a manufacturer of beekeeping equipment.

Learn about first-time registration and registration renewal requirements for beekeepers in Ontario.

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Queen and Nuc permit

Ontario beekeepers require a valid apiary permit to sell or give away (that is, transferring ownership of) live honey bees or used beekeeping equipment within Ontario.

Permits are issued by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs’ (OMAFRA) Apiary Program. These permits help the ministry protect the health of honey bees, particularly from pests and diseases.

Queen and Nuc Permits are issued for the sale of honey bees only. This permit does not allow for used equipment sales. Choose this permit if you have more than one yard and plan to sell honey bees from multiple yards within your operation. This permit type allows you to make multiple sales from all your registered yards, unless otherwise specified on the permit.

For more information on Queen and Nuc permits, please visit Selling honey bees and used beekeeping equipment in Ontario.

Your options to apply for a Queen and Nuc permit are coming soon.

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