Find the policies, procedures, administration, and product manuals for the Assistive Devices Program.

Program policies and procedures manual

The policies and procedures manual for the Assistive Devices Program, otherwise known as the ADP Manual, presents the policies and procedures of the Assistive Devices Program that apply across the Program. The ADP Manual is intended to complement policy and administration manuals and product manuals related to specific devices.

Policy and administration manuals for device categories

The policy and administration manual for each device category presents the policies and procedures (for example, roles & responsibilities of the client/authorizer/vendor, eligibility criteria, funding amounts, etc.) for the funding of specified devices. The manuals are intended to complement the ADP Manual.

Transfer payment agency manual

The Transfer Payment Agency (TPA) manual assists TPAs during the preparation of their Annual Program Plans, Budgets and Financial Reports. The Annual Program Plan elaborates on the need for annual planning, the planning process and the development of criteria for performance evaluation.

Product manuals and approved devices

The product manuals contain information about approved devices and prices of each device category with the Assistive Devices Program.

Product manual — communication aids

Product manual — hearing devices

Product manual — home oxygen

Product manual — insulin pump and supplies

Product manual — limb prostheses

Product manual — maxillofacial extraoral prostheses

Product manual — maxillofacial intraoral prostheses

Product manual — mobility devices

Product manual — ocular prostheses

Product manual — orthotic devices

Product manual — pressure modification devices

Product manual — real-time continuous glucose monitoring system

Product manual — respiratory equipment and supplies

Product manual — visual aids

A Microsoft Excel® format of the product manuals are available upon request through adp@ontario.ca.