Article - Structural and Environmental Loads


A new Sentence was added to require that proper design and construction procedures must consider all intended functions of materials and components.

Article - Determination of Wind Load


A new Sentence provides a testing requirement for the evaluation of dynamic wind uplift resistance of membrane-roofing systems.

Some membrane-roofing systems with a proven performance record are exempted from the testing requirement.

Article - Location and Installation of Materials Providing Thermal Resistance


A referenced standard regarding application of thermal insulation has been removed to eliminate duplication.

Article - Air Barrier System Properties


A referenced standard related to air permeance testing has been added for clarification purposes.

Article - Installation of Protective Materials


Referenced standards related to the installation of protective materials have been deleted.

A new standard related to protective materials forming part of a vegetative roofing system has been added.

Section 5.7. - Surface and Ground Water


Requirements for surface water and ground water have been reorganized into two separate sections for clarification purposes.

Section 5.8. - Sound Transmission


A new metric called apparent sound transmission class (ASTC), is introduced in order to consider indirect (flanking) sound transmission. This is an alternative rating that can be used to meet the sound transmission requirements of the Building Code.

Article - Standards Applicable to Environmental Separators and Assemblies Exposed to the Exterior


Table has been updated and revised to remove withdrawn and outdated standards, and new standards have been referenced.

Subsection 5.10.4. - Other Fenestration Assemblies


Minimum performance requirements and standard test procedures for curtain wall, window wall, storefront and glazed architectural structures have been added.