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The recommendations in this report are intended to improve health and safety in mines and ensure that all workers arrive home to their friends and family each day. The aim is to integrate occupational health and safety improvements while supporting innovation and fostering productivity in the sector.

The Review received support, input and advice from workers and employers, industry experts, and the academic community. Without this support, the report would not have been possible. Beyond the implementation of these recommendations is the need to maintain these relationships and open communication about emerging health and safety issues and potential solutions.

These efforts are important because the only way we will eliminate workplace injuries, illnesses and fatalities is if we stay on this path of continuous improvement. The publication of this report marks an important milestone along our journey of change and improvement. This is not the endpoint of the process put in place to improve mining health and safety; in fact there is a lot to do. Health and safety is not a static issue, it’s constantly changing as workplaces and technologies evolve and only in partnership can we continue to improve health and safety outcomes.

Updated: March 01, 2022
Published: March 01, 2022