October 2020

Executive summary

The Guide for Crown land use planning (the Guide) outlines the direction that must be applied to all Crown land use planning carried out under the authority of the Public Lands Act (PLA), south of the Far North boundary, as well as to land use planning on Crown land within the two municipalities located north of the Far North boundary (Pickle Lake and Moosonee).footnote 1 The Guide does not apply to community based land use planning on Crown lands under the Far North Act.

The Introduction outlines that the Guide is created under the minister’s ability to create policies and guidelines for land use planning under Section 12.1 (1) of the PLA, and that a “standard” in the Guide is mandatory direction.

Part I of the Guide provides provincial direction for Crown land use planning processes and contains:

Part II of the Guide contains the provincial direction for the six primary Crown land use designations:

In addition, factors to consider when applying specific land use designations in planning processes are outlined throughout Part II.


  • footnote[1] Back to paragraph Section 3 of the Far North Act states that the Act does not apply to any part of a municipality.