Crown Land Use Policy Atlas

How to search for area-specific land use policies or amendments, view boundaries and make a map online.


Information on what Crown land is and how it’s managed.


How Crown land use plans are developed, and how to comment on a land use amendment.

Renewable energy projects

Information on using Crown land for a renewable energy project, and how to apply.

Work permits

Information on when you need a work permit — and how to get one — for projects on Crown land and shore lands.

Buying or renting

What you need to know to buy or rent Crown land.

Crown patents

Information about the legal documentation needed to transfer Crown land to a private owner.

Recreational activities on Crown land

What you need to know about camping and other recreational activities on Ontario’s Crown land.

Licences for firewood and building projects

What you need to know to use wood from Crown land for firewood or building projects (e.g. dock, cabin, deck, etc.).