Last updated: online version April 2022, PDF version March 2022

About the guide

This guide is your resource for programs and services available to Ontario’s seniors that can help them stay safe and healthy, active and engaged. It helps seniors, their caregivers and the organizations that support them. Organizations that serve seniors can find grant programs and seminar information here.

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You can print the online version by clicking the “print all” link located at the top of the left navigation menu and follow the instructions or download the print ready PDF available on Publications Ontario.

What’s in the guide

In this guide you will find information on:

  • COVID‑19 information and support

    Find information on how to get vaccinated and community supports available to help you stay safe.

  • Keeping active and engaged

    Find social, cultural and recreational programs to help you stay connected, physically and mentally healthy.

  • For family and caregivers

    Find information if you or someone else takes care of a loved one.

  • Managing your finances

    Learn what tax credits, benefits and government pensions are available to you.

  • Staying healthy and well

    Get information on staying healthy and learn how to get coverage for prescription drugs, assistive devices, dental care and more.

  • Housing options

    Find programs to help you stay in your current home or see what types of housing and care homes are available in your community.

  • Staying safe and secure

    Learn about common scams and how to protect yourself as a consumer. Find information about elder abuse, estate planning and preparing for emergencies.

  • Transportation and driving

    Get information on transportation services, accessible parking permits and driver’s licences, including information for drivers 80 years or older.

  • Key contacts

    Find contact for federal, provincial and local government.

  • Your Ontario government ID

    Learn how to get and renew your ID, such as an Ontario photo card, driver’s licence, health card and more through ServiceOntario.

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This guide is maintained by the Ministry for Seniors and Accessibility. Learn more about how the ministry is helping seniors and people with disabilities stay independent, active, and socially connected.

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