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First-time user

To use ONT-TAXS online, your business or the business you represent, needs to:

  • be registered with the Ministry of Finance
  • have a ONe-key account (i.e. ID and password)
  • be enrolled to use ONT-TAXS online.

Your business can also give your employees or representatives (external accountants or bookkeepers) access to ONT-TAXS online on behalf of your business.

To Sign Up for ONT-TAXS Online:

1. Submit the ONT-TAXS online Contact of Information form

Identify who in your business will be your ONT-TAXS online Administrator and then complete and submit the Contact of Information form to receive the information your business needs to start using ONT-TAXS online.

The Administrator can be a signing officer, director, partner or sole proprietor of your organization or you can appoint an individual to be your Administrator and be responsible for ONT-TAXS online on behalf of your business.

2. Receive your Web Access Code and PIN in the mail

You will need this information to access ONT-TAXS online through ONe-key.

3. Register for ONe-key

ONe-key verifies your identity and allows you to securely do business with the Government of Ontario online. Register for a ONe-key account by creating an ID and password.

4. Complete ONT-TAXS online enrolment

After creating your ONe-key account, you will complete the ONT-TAXS online enrolment through ONe-key.

Here's how to do it:

  1. Login to ONe-key
  2. Select ONT-TAXS online from the listing of All Available Services
  3. Enter the Web Access Code you received in the mail
  4. Continue with the enrollment process by entering:
    1. the PIN you received in the mail
    2. your Account Number
    3. your last tax payment/refund amount. If you have never made a payment or received a refund, use the activation code provided on the letter with your web access code.
  5. Read and agree to the Terms and Conditions of Use for ONT-TAXS online
  6. Create your ONT-TAXS online profile


Once enrolled for ONT-TAXS online, the Administrator can provide access to their representatives. As a representative, you can manage your clients' accounts with the Ministry of Finance using ONT-TAXS online.

Register as a representative

If the business you represent uses ONT-TAXS online and you would like to sign up as an ONT-TAXS online representative:

  1. Call the ministry at (1-866-668-8297) to be registered as a representative
  2. You will be issued a Web Access Code and PIN
  3. Set up your ONe-key account and access ONT-TAXS online as outlined above
  4. Provide your clients with your Web Access Code to allow them to add you as their ONT-TAXS online representative

If you need assistance or are having problems enrolling, please call (1-866-668-8297).


Updated: March 07, 2022
Published: March 07, 2022