Ontario is making life more affordable with two new tax credits.
Learn about the new Ontario Child Care Tax Credit and the Low-Income Workers Tax Credit.

Ontario Trillium Benefit

Find out more about the tax-free payment that helps pay for energy costs, sales and property tax.

Ontario’s Plan to Build

The 2022 Budget supports a plan for better jobs and bigger paycheques, building more highways and hospitals, and keeping costs down for Ontario families while keeping our economy open and strong.

Find benefit programs

Find out about Ontario benefit programs you may be eligible for.

Get money back

Find out how much money you could get if you file a tax return this year and calculate your tax credits.

What we do

  • Support provincial fiscal, taxation and economic policy and support intergovernmental fiscal relations.
  • Manage the fiscal and financial affairs of the province, including the provincial budget, quarterly and mid-year updates (Fall Economic Statement) and work with Treasury Board Secretariat to prepare consolidated financial statements (public accounts).
  • Oversee more than $150 billion in revenue to support investments in education, health care, transportation, infrastructure and skills.
  • Support people and businesses by providing a number of tax credit, incentive and benefit programs.
  • Encourage compliance with the province’s tax system through education and outreach and conducting enforcement activities like audits, inspections, investigations and forensic accounting.
  • Regulate the financial sector, including insurance, pension plan and mortgage providers.
  • Facilitate government interactions with the Financial Accountability Officer.

Ministry of Finance
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Toronto, Ontario M7A 1Y8

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The ministry administers the following legislation: