Demographic quarterly reports

The demographic quarterly reports provide key facts and figures on the province's population, population growth and the components of demographic change including:

  • births
  • deaths
  • various migration flows (such as immigration, emigration and interprovincial migration)

The estimates in the report are based on the latest postcensal estimates.

Read the quarterly reports:

Ontario Demographic Quarterly: First Quarter Highlights

Ontario Demographic Quarterly: Second Quarter Highlights

Ontario Demographic Quarterly: Third Quarter Highlights

Ontario Demographic Quarterly: Fourth Quarter Highlights

Population projections report

The population projections report gives projections for Ontario and each of its 49 census divisions, by single year of age and gender, from the base year of 2022 to 2046. These projections were published by the Ontario Ministry of Finance in the summer of 2023.

An updated set of population projections is published every year to reflect the most up-to-date trends and historical data. The latest update uses the 2022 population estimates from Statistics Canada (released in February 2022 and based on the 2016 Census) as a base and includes:

  • changes in the base population
  • changes to reflect the most recent trends in:
    • fertility
    • mortality
    • migration

The report features highlights of the results and a description of the projections methodology and the assumptions used for each demographic component.

Population projections data by age and sex for Ontario and its sub-provincial areas are available at Ontario's Open Data Catalogue. The complete set includes projections for:

  • each of Ontario's 6 regions
  • each of Ontario's 49 census divisions
  • each of Ontario’s 34 Public Health Units
  • the 9 Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services’ Service Delivery Division (SDD) regions of the province

At the Ontario level, reference, low- and high-growth population projection scenarios are provided. For all other geographies, only the reference scenario population projection is produced.

Read the Ontario population projections report.

Census highlights

The census highlights factsheets report on the demographic, social and labour market characteristics of Ontario's population from the latest census. Topics covered include:

  • marital status
  • education
  • language usage
  • ethnicity
  • labour force
  • incomes of individuals and families

Read the 2016 census highlights.

2021 Census Highlights will be prepared and available as results are released by Statistics Canada over 2022 and 2023