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Pay and file taxes online

Use ONT-TAXS online

Pay your Ontario business taxes and file returns using ONT-TAXS online – Ontario's secure, simple and free online tax service. ONT-TAXS online saves time, reduces paper and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Getting started is fast and easy

Are you a business?

Complete our online form or call us at 1 866 ONT-TAXS (1 866 668-8297). When you receive your enrolment information in the mail your business is ready to start using ONT-TAXS online.

Are you a tax representative?

Call us at 1 866 ONT-TAXS (1 866 668-8297) to sign up as a representative for ONT-TAXS online. When you receive your enrolment information in the mail you are ready to set up your access to ONT-TAXS online. Then, get your clients to add you as their representative when they sign up for ONT-TAXS online.

Learn more about what ONT-TAXS online can do for you.

Use your financial institution's website

You can also use your financial institution's website to pay your Corporations Tax, Employer Health Tax and Retail Sales Tax.

Is there a fee?

The Ministry of Finance does not charge or receive a fee for this service. But your bank may charge fees to your account. Find out before you start to file or pay taxes online.

Will my bank let me pay taxes online?

Most banks and financial institutions offer this service. To find out more, visit the website of your bank or financial institution.

If your financial institution is not on this list, please contact them directly.

How do I make sure my tax payments get to the ministry on time?

Ask your bank or financial institution when you need to pay your taxes to meet the ministry's payment deadlines. For example, you may be late if you submit tax payments in the afternoon or early evening of the due date. It just may not be enough time for your bank to process your request. Note: if the due date falls on a weekend or holiday, you must pay your taxes on the next banking day.

Learn more

  • For tax questions, contact the Ministry of Finance.
  • For questions about using online banking services or your account, contact your bank or financial institution.
Updated: March 07, 2022
Published: March 07, 2022