Periodically, temporary applications are filed with the Board. Details of these applications can be made available at anytime to any interested parties by calling (416) 326-6732.

The following are applications for extra-provincial and public vehicle operating licenses filed under the Motor Vehicle Transport Act, 1987, and the Public Vehicles Act. All information pertaining to the applicant i.e. business plan, supporting evidence, etc. is on file at the Board and is available upon request.

Any interested person who has an economic interest in the outcome of these applications may serve and file an objection within 29 days of this publication. The objector shall:

  1. complete a Notice of Objection Form,
  2. serve the applicant with the objection,
  3. file a copy of the objection and provide proof of service of the objection on the applicant with the Board,
  4. pay the appropriate fee.

Serving and filing an objection may be effected by hand delivery, mail, courier or facsimile. Serving means the date received by a party and filing means the date received by the Board.

The Corporation of the Town of Penetanguishene 47670
10 Robert Street West, Penetanguishene, ON L9M 2G2

Applies for a public vehicle operating licence as follows:

For the transportation of passengers on a scheduled service between the Town of Penetanguishene and the Town of Midland.

Provided That:

  1. the licensee be restricted to the use of Class “D” public vehicles as defined in paragraph (a) (iv) of subsection 1 of Section 7 of Regulation 982 under the Public Vehicles Act, R.S.O 1990 Chapter P.54.
  2. chartered trips be prohibited.

Autocar Royal Inc. 47674
4, rue Hebert, Ste-Martine, QC J0S 1V0

Applies for an extra-provincial operating licence as follows:

For the transportation of passengers on a chartered trip from points in the Province of Quebec as authorized by the Province of Quebec from the Ontario/Quebec and Ontario/ U.S.A. border crossings

  1. to points in Ontario and for the return of the same passengers on the same chartered trip to point of origin;
  2. Provided That there be no pick-up or discharge of passengers except at point of origin.

  3. in transit through Ontario to the Ontario/Manitoba, Ontario/Québec, and Ontario/U.S.A. border crossings for furtherance;
  4. to points in Ontario on a one-way chartered trip without pick-up of passengers in Ontario.

Felix D’Mello
Board Secretary