Dear Minister Smith,

As Chair of the Electrification and Energy Transition Panel it is my honour to present to you our final report and recommendations. Thank you for the privilege to chair this Panel and for the trust you placed in us to advise you on some of the key questions facing Ontario’s energy and economic future. I could not think of more important work at this juncture than contributing to the energy transition and Ontario’s future prosperity.

I must also extend our appreciation to all those who have shown a keen interest in the Panel’s work, including energy sector stakeholders, Indigenous partners and the public. The engagement and feedback we received throughout this process were instrumental in shaping the recommendations we present today. They demonstrate a broad interest in a successful energy transition for Ontario.

Building on the “What We Heard” report that summarized the insights we received from energy sector stakeholders, Indigenous partners, and the public, along with extensive research on other jurisdictions’ approaches and experiences, our final report outlines what we believe is a robust and well-informed framework for Ontario’s path toward developing a prosperous clean energy economy. Recognizing the good work already underway, we recommend a series of actions that would help align government, economic and social forces for long-term success in a rapidly changing world.

Thank you once again for the honour of serving as Chair, and for your commitment to a cleaner, prosperous and electrified Ontario.


David Collie
Chair, Electrification and Energy Transition Panel