Registered charities can get a tax rebate of 40% of the provincial land tax and education tax payable on an eligible property it occupies in one of the commercial classes or industrial classes.

Provincial land tax is a property tax on land located in non-municipal areas. The tax helps to support the local share of a number of services in these areas.

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Does my charity qualify?

registered charity that has a registration number issued by the Canada Revenue Agency and pays taxes on an eligible property it occupies qualifies for the tax rebate.

Definition: registered charity

How does a charity get the rebate?

  1. Download the Application for Registered Charities Tax Rebate [PDF - 1.77 MB]
  2. Complete and sign the application annually to establish eligibility or confirm continued eligibility
  3. Mail the application and all required documentation to the provincial land tax office no later than February 28 of the year following the taxation year to which this application relates

Required documents

Remember to include these documents with your application:

  • Copy of your charity’s notification of registration received from the Canada Revenue Agency (if not previously provided), and
  • Most recent copy of your charity’s annual information return filed with the Canada Revenue Agency.

If your charity rents the property, you also need to include:

  • Copy of the current lease that includes the amount of property taxes paid by your organization
  • Confirmation of square footage
  • Statement/invoice from your landlord indicating the amount of property taxes billed to your organization

Send your application package to

Ministry of Finance
Provincial Land Tax
PO Box 58
Thunder Bay ON P7C 0A5

Or, you can drop-off your application package in person:

Provincial Land Tax Office
500 Donald Street East
Thunder Bay Ontario

Visit Provincial Land Tax Office: Thunder Bay

More information

For more information about the tax rebate program for registered charities, please call the Ministry of Finance’s provincial land tax office at 1 866 400-2122 or 1 888 321-6774 for teletypewriter (TTY).