Each community surgical and diagnostic centre must abide by quality and safety standards to ensure that the centre is safe for patient care.

Licensees are required to appoint and maintain a quality assurance advisor as well as an advisory committee.

The quality assurance advisor:

Please see the Quality Assurance Advisor Acknowledgement Form for additional information.


Licensees are required to participate in an inspection of their centre at least once every 5 years. Each inspection is carried out at the request of the Director.

Inspections may be conducted more frequently prompted by:

  • the outcome of previous inspections
  • a change in ownership
  • an addition of new services
  • external complaints


Licensees are required to post the following information both on the centre’s website, if any, and at a visible place within the centre:

If a complaint cannot be resolved with the centre or if the complainant is unsatisfied with the outcome, patients can make a complaint to the Ontario Patient Ombudsman.

For a full listing of the centre’s enhanced requirements for patient complaints, please review the ICHSCA and its regulations.

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