cheeseFun food facts

  • About 7,000 years ago, a traveller stopped to refresh himself with milk he carried in a pouch made from an animal stomach. To his surprise, the milk was gone, replaced by a white, semi-solid substance. Cheese was discovered!
  • Cheese is part of the Milk and Alternatives food group. One serving is about the size of two of your parents’ thumbs. Packed with protein (which keeps the hunger pangs away) and calcium (think awesome bones and teeth), cheese gives you energy to do the things you love.

Brain teaser

Ontario fresh cheeses are made by taking out the watery part of milk (whey). What is added to milk to make it curdle?

  1. rennet
  2. curds
  3. whey

Answer: a

Eat it up!

Fruit and cheese kabobs

You'll need:

  • cubes of your favourite Ontario cheese, such as mozzarella or cheddar
  • chunks of your favourite Ontario fruit, such as apples or pears.
  • wooden skewers

What to do:

  1. mix and match fruits and cheeses to make tasty combinations
  2. make fun patterns, such as apple, strawberry, cheddar, apple, strawberry, cheddar