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Report a smoking or tampered vehicle

How to contact us if you see a smoking vehicle or if you suspect a vehicle’s emissions control equipment has been tampered with.

Please report a vehicle that is smoking or you suspect has been tampered with by either:

  • completing this form
  • providing this information to the Emissions Test Contact Centre at 1-833-420-2103.

A smoking vehicle has dark coloured smoke coming from its tailpipe.

Tampering refers to removing or altering emissions control equipment that prevents or lessens the discharge of any contaminant, such as nitrogen oxides and particulate matter.

I am reporting a smoking vehicle
(Date, Time)
(Town, street, and nearest intersection)
I am reporting a vehicle that I suspect has had its emissions control equipment tampered with, and/ or an individual or organization I suspect is tampering with vehicle emissions control equipment
(Date, Time)
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