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Survey: 2023 Budget consultations

The 2023 Budget will build on strengthening Ontario’s economy and the progress we have made on our plan to build Ontario together. But we need your feedback. Tell us how the Ontario government can support your family or business during these uncertain economic times and what we can do to ensure a strong economic recovery and build for the future.

Closing date: February 10, 2023

This survey should take about 15 minutes to complete.

1. Faced with economic uncertainty, historically high inflation and rising interest rates, the government has responded with investments to build Ontario’s economy together and support families and businesses. Going forward, what steps should the government take to protect our progress and the people of Ontario during these uncertain economic times. Choose the top three priorities.
2. To help manage the provincial finances, a budget needs to balance many priorities. Choose the top three priorities that you feel are the most important.
3. The government continues to explore ways to improve health care and build a stronger health care workforce. What are the most important priorities to help build Ontario’s healthcare system? Please choose the top three priorities that you feel are the most important.
4. When you think about your community, what services or resources could use more government support? Please choose the top three priorities that you feel are the most important.
5. When it comes to transit and transportation infrastructure, what priorities are important to you? Choose up to two options.
6. The government is working to fill labour shortages impacting business and the economy by investing in workers. What should the government prioritize to help address the labour shortage? Please choose the top three priorities.
7. Important priorities to help Ontario’s economy include creating more jobs and attracting investment. What should the government prioritize to support making Ontario a more attractive destination for people to live, work, invest and raise a family? Please pick your top three priorities.
8. The government is focused on keeping costs down for families, seniors and workers during these uncertain economic times. What should the government prioritize to increase affordability for Ontarians? Please pick your top three priorities:
9. To better understand the priorities of specific regions in Ontario, please identify what type of community you live in. Please choose all that apply.

Your privacy matters

This is a public consultation. All responses received will be considered public and are subject to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Do not include personal information in your responses or any information that identifies you, a friend, family member or other person.

Your responses will be reviewed and may be used by the Ministry of Finance for consideration as part of the 2023 Ontario Budget. This may involve disclosing some or all comments or materials, or summaries of them, to other interested parts of the Ontario government during and after the consultation. Your feedback may also be used in a summary report about this survey. Feedback will not be attributed to specific individuals.

Your information will not be placed on mailing lists and will not be released to any third party except as authorized by law. For questions on how personal information collected on this page will be used, please see our Privacy Statement  or contact:

Sarah Yoo, Manager, Budget Secretariat
Frost Building North, 3rd Floor
95 Grosvenor Street
Toronto Ontario
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