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Survey: making auto insurance more accessible and affordable in Ontario

Have your say on improving car insurance in Ontario and putting drivers first.

Closing date: February 15, 2019

About you

Your feedback on Ontario’s auto insurance sector

Completely disagreeSomewhat disagreeNeither agree nor disagreeSomewhat agreeCompletely agreeN/A
My insurance policy is easy to understand. *
Making an insurance claim is a simple and transparent process. *
I feel confident that if I am injured in a car accident, I will receive my benefits from the insurance company in a timely manner. *
I can easily find an auto insurance policy that meets my needs. *
Completely disagreeSomewhat disagreeNeither agree nor disagreeSomewhat agreeCompletely agreeN/A
Shopping for and buying auto insurance is easy. *
Drivers should pay different rates for car insurance based on where they live. *
Insurance providers should have electronic or online tools available, like banks and other financial institutions have. *

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Your privacy matters

All feedback received and survey results are subject to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and will be considered public. The feedback and survey results will be considered by the Ministry of Finance as part of the government’s plan to reform and modernize the auto insurance sector.

Some or all comments or materials, or summaries of them, may be disclosed to other interested parties during and after the consultation. If for any reason you feel your feedback should not be shared with other parties, or if you have any questions about this consultation please contact the Ministry of Finance at 1-866-989-9002 or by email at