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Issue date: November 10, 2022
Legislation: Registry Act

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As communicated in Bulletin 2019-01, changes were made to Teraview® to allow the direct electronic submission of land titles survey plans of land in the land registration system (“ePlans”). Surveyors have found ePlans to be faster and more convenient than filing hard copy plans, and as a result, the types of ePlans accepted through Teraview® has expanded to include land titles surveys of Crown Lands. The introduction of new plan types accepted through Teraview® will be announced as they become available.

A new electronic document titled “Application-Crown Land Reference Plan (No PIN)” is now available in Teraview® for the direct electronic submission of Crown Land Survey Plans (‘Crown Land ePlans’).

The preparation of a Crown Land ePlan will continue to be in accordance with the Instructions Governing Ontario Crown Land Surveys And Plans as published by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry and Part XIII of Ontario Regulation 43/96 under the Registry Act.

As Crown Land ePlans are not deposited on a parcel of land (PIN) these plans require an additional informational note placed below the Plan Schedule in the form: Land in this plan is in ‘registry office number’. The representative for the Land Registrar will use this information to confirm that the plan is deposited in the correct land registry office.

To submit plans through direct electronic transmission, a surveyor must obtain a Teraview® licence, and must receive authorization from the Director of Land Registration for electronic registration of documents. Information regarding these processes can be found on the Teranet and Ministry websites, respectively.

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Ken Wilkinson O.L.S.
Examiner of Surveys

W. Bruce Clark O.L.S.
Surveyor General