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Issue date: November 21, 2022
Legislation: Land Titles Act

Bulletin content

Historically, customers could submit provide evidence to the Land Registry Office prior to the registration of an electronic document in Teraview®. This evidence would then be provided an index number which will later be matched to the electronic document in Teraview® using Statement 92 (see, generally, Bulletin 2002-05).

After December 31, 2022, this practice of “indexing” will no longer be permitted – evidence will no longer be accepted by the Land Registry Office for indexing, and evidence already indexed in the Land Registry Office will no longer be allowed to be incorporated by reference in any electronic document in Teraview®.

At the end of the day on December 31, 2022, all of the relevant provisions of Bulletin 2002-05 permitting indexing and the use of Statement 92 will be revoked and the terms of this bulletin shall thereafter govern instead.

Original signed by

Jeffrey W.Lem
Director of Titles