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Legislative tables help

Learn more about how to use legislative tables on e-Laws, which are prepared for convenience only and should not be relied on as authoritative. They are generally updated within 2 business days.

Search Large tables

You can find a specific statute or regulation by using the table search feature. You can also navigate large tables by selecting a specific table page, or by clicking Back or Next.


Click on the arrows in the header row to sort the data alphabetically or numerically according to a certain column.

For more complex sorting, download the table data.

Show/hide columns

If a table has a Show/hide columns button beside the search bar, you can decide which columns are shown.

Restore original table view

After a search:

  • Delete the text in the search field.

After sorting:

  • Refresh the page.

After showing/hiding columns:

  • Select the Show default option.


Downloading the table data gives you more control over how it’s displayed and organized.

Use the Download button to save a copy of the legislative table. You can then open the file in a spreadsheet program of your choice and reformat and reorganize the information as you see fit.

Legislative tables are updated regularly — please check table data for currency to ensure previously downloaded information is up to date.

Updated: May 6, 2023