How it works

You must be on the TO2015 Pan/Parapan Am official business supplier list to receive notices of new contract opportunities.

The process for business partnerships depends on the value of the contract.

Under $10,000

You must add your name to the registered supplier list. Selections are made from this list and based on market knowledge.


A competitive invitational process is held, with at least 3 proponents. Each proponent is selected from the registered supplier list and based on market knowledge.

Over $100,000

An open, competitive process is tendered through the MERX system — the official website for Canadian public and private tenders.

Business categories

  • overlay (building support such as furniture, fixtures & equipment, seating, tents, fencing, electrical, mechanical, rigging, trailers, toilets, storage)
  • hospitality and travel (e.g., catering, uniforms, community events, air travel, hotel accommodation)
  • services (e.g., production, food and beverage, entertainment, printing, photography)
  • technology (e.g., time scoring results, systems & software, telecom, network, cabling, audio-video)
  • games operations (e.g., sport equipment, medical equipment, sport presentation)
  • administration (e.g., office supplies, office equipment, postage/courier, office services)

Get on the TO2015 official supplier list

Register a business on MERX

2015 Pan American Economic Summit

Date: July 8-10, 2015

Hosts: City of Toronto and the International Economic Forum of the Americas

The forum will feature business leaders from North, Central and South America and the Caribbean, connecting Ontario companies with international business opportunities and new markets.

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