How it works

Ontario Wood is a program that helps raise awareness of locally grown, locally made wood products, and encourages Ontarians to buy local. Using the Ontario Wood logo on your products, website and marketing materials is the best way to help consumers identify and buy local wood products.

Ontario Wood


Whether you are a promoter, producer, distributor or supporter, you can benefit from our free partnership program. As a partner in the Ontario Wood network you join a diverse group that includes manufacturers, retailers, builders and designers who make and use Ontario Wood products.

You can also:

  • connect with consumers interested in what you have to offer through a listing on our website and promotion on our social media channels
  • participate in our marketing and promotional efforts that help to spotlight the brand and our partners
  • get free marketing material


Free – you pay nothing to become a partner and use the Ontario Wood logo.


You are eligible to become an Ontario Wood partner if you:

  • make at least one product that meets the definition of Ontario Wood (for example, manufacturers and artisans)
  • distribute products that would meet the definition of an Ontario Wood product
  • build, renovate or design using Ontario wood in your projects
  • support Ontario Wood (for example, a municipality providing public infrastructure and workforce for the forest industry, a forestry services company providing assistance, an industry association supporting its members, a group or organization interested in promoting local wood products)

Definition of an Ontario Wood product

To qualify for the program and use the logo:

  • at least 75% of the wood used in your Ontario Wood product must be from tree species that are indigenous to or are commercially grown in Ontario and are harvested from sustainably managed forests in Ontario
  • up to 25% of the wood may come from sustainably managed forests in the rest of Canada as long as that wood is from tree species that are indigenous to or are commercially grown in Ontario
  • all processing associated with the manufacturing of your product must take place in facilities located in Ontario

How to apply

To become a partner and use the Ontario Wood logo, you need to:

  1. Describe what makes you eligible for Ontario Wood and why you want to join the program, in an email or letter.
  2. Send your email, letter or fax to:

    Ontario Wood
    Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry
    70 Foster Drive, Suite 400
    Sault Ste. Marie, ON, P6A 6V5
    Tel: 705-945-6765
    Fax: 705-945-6796

We will contact you within 10 business days to discuss your application and best fit within the program. If you meet the criteria, we will send you a partnership agreement that you must sign and return to the Ontario Wood office.

Once you become a partner, we’ll send you electronic of the Ontario Wood logo. You can also order free marketing materials online.

How to order marketing materials

If you’re an Ontario Wood partner and you offer wood products to consumers, we can give you a wide variety of free point-of-sale materials such as stickers, tags and signage to suit your promotional needs.

To place an order:

  1. Browse our product catalogue
  2. Fill out a web form – enter your contact information and the quantity for each item requested.

Delivery time:

You’ll get your products within 15 business days if they’re in stock. If out of stock, you will be notified.