About Ontario Wood

Ontario Wood

Ontario Wood is our heritage. From Ontario’s provincial tree, the white pine, to the majestic maple – when the world wants quality wood, it comes to us.

We are making it easier for you to find and purchase local wood products in your own communities with the Ontario Wood logo. When you see the logo, you’ll know the Ontario Wood product is:

Ontario Wood is the natural choice. Look for the leaf logo to meet all your needs.

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Why you should choose Ontario Wood

It’s a quality product

Ontario has an abundance of highly talented craftspeople and woodworkers that will:

  • offer a wide variety of quality wood products (for example, furniture, flooring and decorative items)
  • craft pieces that add style and personality to your home
  • use wood that can be handed down through generations

Ontario’s forests provide a rich, diverse and abundant wood supply that’s ideal for lumber and woodworking.

Ontario’s tree species are usually categorized into two groups used for building and design:

  1. softwoods (such as spruce or pine) offer a wide variety of high-quality wood in both construction and appearance grades for use in structural and finishing applications.
  2. hardwoods (such as oak or maple) tend to find a home in interior environments, mostly in decorative applications. Because of their durability and appearance, hardwoods have long been used in the production of cabinetry, flooring and furniture.

There is something special about trees grown in Ontario. It’s been a best kept secret that we want to share with you.

Ontario wood has:

  • rich colour
  • remarkable grain
  • strength
  • durability

Ontario wood products will bring warmth and natural beauty to both the inside and outside of your home.

It’s local

Ontario’s forest industry is a key part of a healthy, growing economy that:

  • supports the livelihoods of about 147,000 people
  • sustains communities across the province
  • generates over $16.6 billion in revenue

The faces of Ontario Wood are your friends and neighbours – get to know them.

It’s environmentally friendly

Ontario has forest management practices in place that you can be proud of. Our province:

  • is a world leader in sustainable forest management
  • is home to more than 85 billion trees
  • only harvests one-fifth of one percent annually
  • ensures that for every tree harvested three take root

Sustainable forest management allows Ontario wood to meet your needs for forest products while preserving forest health and diversity for the future. When you choose locally made Ontario wood products for home renovations, furnishings and more, you put the environment and your community’s well-being first.

Ontario wood products:

  • need far less energy than other materials to manufacture
  • generate less air and water pollution
  • have a lower carbon footprint