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This year, we asked citizens to submit ideas to solve one of 8 focus areas and help make everyday life easier for people in Ontario. We committed to spend up to $3 million bringing up to 8 ideas to life.

ideas were selected for
public voting
ideas received the most votes and were announced in the 2017 Budget.


In 2016, we asked citizens to submit their ideas for the Budget to help us:

  • invest in people's talents and skills
  • build and revitalize public infrastructure (like roads, bridges and transit)
  • create a dynamic, innovative environment where business thrives
  • improve public services

ideas submitted
total votes

The key themes that emerged during 2016's consultation were:


In 2015, we launched Budget Talks, a digital town hall, to give citizens a chance to participate in pre-budget consultations, online and help determine public priorities for the Ontario Budget.

We asked a few framing questions about what our priorities should be, and how to achieve them in a fiscally responsible way.

people participated
ideas and comments submitted

The Ontario Budget sets the priorities for government spending, based on months of research, consultation and analysis. Every year, we reach out to people and organizations across the province, through pre-budget consultations, to gather information and help determine public priorities for the Budget.

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