What you need to know about the Budget

  • Free prescription medications for everyone 24 and under.
  • Free tuition for 210,000+ postsecondary students.
  • Helping more people find an affordable place to call home.
  • A $7-billion booster shot to health care.
  • A proposed 25% cut to household electricity bills on average.
  • A balanced 2017 Ontario Budget.

Budget in Brief

Read the Budget in Brief for a summary of the key initiatives that are laid out in this year's Budget:

Strengthening health care

Providing free prescription medications to children and youth, improving access to home and community care and reducing wait times for a stronger, healthier Ontario.

Improving education

Helping students achieve excellence with smaller class sizes, new and renovated schools and more financial assistance for higher education.

Making life more affordable

Making life easier and more affordable for Ontarians.

Creating opportunity and security

Creating opportunity for people to gain skills, for businesses to prosper and for communities to thrive.

Path to a balanced budget

Balancing the Budget means more funding for the programs and services people rely on most.

Empowering women and girls

Developing a strategy for women's economic empowerment and the Walking Together Strategy — so women and girls have equal access to economic and social opportunities.


Implementing your ideas

You chose three Budget Talks ideas that will be funded through the 2017 Budget.