You deserve high-quality, publicly funded health care. The balanced 2017 Budget continues to transform health care, so you and your family get the right care when and where you need it.

  • A $7-billion booster shot to health care.
  • Shorter wait times for specialized care and services.
  • New and improved hospitals for better access to services.
  • Free prescription medications for everyone 24 and under.
  • Making community care more consistent and even better.
  • $100 million for services supporting people living with dementia and their caregivers.

Additional funding

We are increasing health investments by $11.5 billion over the next 3 years to increase access to care, reduce wait times and enhance patient experience. It includes a new $7-billion booster shot for health care, building on the commitment made in the 2016 Budget.

OHIP+: Children and Youth Pharmacare

We will provide free prescription medications to all children and youth aged 24 and under, regardless of family income. This is to make sure no parent has to worry about being able to afford the medications their kids need.

Starting in January 2018, the new program will completely cover the cost of all medicines funded through the Ontario Drug Benefit program — with no deductible or co-payment. This will include medications to treat:

  • most acute conditions
  • common chronic conditions
  • childhood cancers and other diseases

OHIP+: Children and Youth Pharmacare is the first program of its kind in Canada.

New hospital projects

We are supporting the construction of major new hospital projects across the province to support the delivery of services and give people faster access to care.

Ontario is supporting the expansion and modernization of hospitals across the province

  • North

    Sault Area Hospital - Redevelopment

    Atikokan General Hospital - Phase 1

    Procurement / planning:
    Health Sciences North - Northern Ontario School of Medicine in Sudbury

  • Southwest

    St. Joseph's Health Care (London) - Parkwood / St. Thomas Mental Health

    St.Thomas Elgin General Hospital - Emergency, Ambulatory and Mental Health

    Procurement / planning:
    Groves Memorial Community Hospital in Fergus

  • Central

    Markham Stouffville Hospital - Redevelopment

    Mackenzie Health - New Vaughan Hospital

    Procurement / planning:
    Micheal Garron Hospital - new patient care tower in Toronto

  • Eastern

    Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario - Phase 3

    University of Ottawa Heart Institute - Redevelopment

    Procurement / planning:
    Brockville General Hospital - Mental health / CCC / Rehab

5 new hospital projects

  • Niagara Health System - New South Niagara Hospital Capital Project
  • Windsor Regional Health Centre - New Greenfield Hospital Project
  • Hamilton Health Sciences - Hamilton Redevelopment Project
  • Trillium Health Partners in Mississauga - Broader Redevelopment Project
  • Weeneebayko Area Health Authority - Replacement Hospital Project

Hospital projects

hospitalBuilt since 2013


wrenchUnder construction


worker with a planProcurement / planning


Source: Ministry of Health and Long-Term care

Learn more about the new hospital projects happening across Ontario.

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Shorter wait times

As communities across Ontario grow, hospitals must continue meeting increasing demands. With more support for hospitals, we're improving access to timely care. This will support shorter wait times and greater access to services for patients and their families.

Interprofessional care

Many of us rely on health care teams for timely treatment. We're enhancing primary care to make it easier to get services offered by physicians, nurses, social workers and other health care professionals.

Indigenous health care

Investing in the health and wellness of Indigenous communities is a top priority. We will be expanding programs such as midwifery services, mental health and addiction initiatives — and continuing to support long-term care homes for Indigenous health care.

Home and community care

Home and community health care means patients can stay closer to where they live and maintain their independence and lifestyle. To make this happen, we're increasing funding for home nursing, personal support and caregiving — and increasing access to physiotherapy and respite care services.

Specialized care

For some of us, getting care from a specialist quickly is vital to our health. We're continuing to expand specialized programs like hip or knee replacements, MRIs and optometrist services, so patients have faster access to the right specialist.

$1.3 billion

to increase access to more specialized care and reduce wait times.

Mental health services

For those living with mental illness or addiction, early and ongoing treatment can make a big difference. We're expanding mental health and addiction initiatives such as structured psychotherapy, youth services and supportive housing.

Long-term care

Seniors are a growing part of our population and we're committed to meeting their complex health needs. We're increasing long-term care funding by $58 million for improving residential care. We're also increasing the food allowance for long-term care homes by $15 million to help provide healthier, more nutritious meals.

Dementia Strategy

Ontario is working with our partners to develop a Dementia Strategy for seniors and their caregivers, including more than $100 million over three years. The strategy will help people access better coordinated care and enhanced services once a diagnosis is made.

$100 million

over 3 years for services to help people living with dementia and their caregivers.

Maternal and child health care

Supporting health care for mothers, babies and children provides a strong foundation for the next generation. Midwifery, prenatal screening and a new infant hearing screening are just some of the programs we're expanding to continue providing care at some of the most critical stages of life.

Health innovation

We know the valuable role that innovation and technology play in our health care system. To address this changing environment, we've announced the upcoming action plan for Digital Health in Ontario.

idea from the public

Budget Talks: Accessing Digitized Health Data

This pilot was one of the top three ideas selected by the public for funding through the Budget Talks platform.

Through this initiative, we will develop a proof-of-concept digital registration and public authentication service that will allow parents and/or guardians to securely and easily access their child's "Yellow Card" immunization records electronically, using their banking credentials. This digital process may be expanded to test a Patient's First Access Channel where patients can find their health data (e.g., lab records, current medications, hospital visits) regardless of where the digital record actually resides.

The idea will receive a one-time investment of $1 million in 2017–18.

This idea received 2,127 votes.

Learn more about Budget Talks.