The balanced 2017 Ontario Budget will help make everyday life easier and more affordable for people across the province.

By investing in what matters most to the people of Ontario, we’re continuing to build a better province for everyone.

OHIP+: Children and Youth Pharmacare

We will provide free prescription medications to all children and youth aged 24 and under, regardless of family income.

Starting in January 2018, the new program will completely cover the cost of all medicines funded through the Ontario Drug Benefit program — with no deductible or co-payment. This will include medications to treat:

  • most acute conditions
  • common chronic conditions
  • childhood cancers and other diseases

OHIP+: Children and Youth Pharmacare is the first program of its kind in Canada.

Child care

Ontario is helping 100,000 more children aged 4 and under access affordable, quality licensed child care.

Electricity relief

Starting this summer, household electricity bills would be reduced by 25% on average through the proposed Fair Hydro Plan. Approximately 500,000 small businesses and farms across Ontario would also benefit. In addition, bills would not increase beyond the rate of inflation for the next 4 years.

Housing affordability

Our Fair Housing Plan is designed to:

  • make housing more affordable for homebuyers and renters
  • bring stability to the real estate market to protect the investment of homeowners

We’re proposing a new 15% tax on the price of homes in the Greater Golden Horseshoe bought by people who aren’t citizens or permanent residents of Canada or by non-Canadian corporations. This would help to address speculation, particularly in large urban centres like Toronto and Hamilton.

We’re also proposing to expand rent control to all private rental units, including those built after 1991. This would strengthen protection for tenants against sudden, dramatic rent increases and help make sure everyone has a safe and affordable place to call home.

The Fair Housing Plan: helping more homebuyers and renters find an affordable place to call home.

Affordable public transit for seniors

We’re helping seniors cover the cost of public transit with the proposed Ontario Seniors’ Public Transit Tax Credit. The refundable credit would provide a benefit of 15% to seniors on eligible public transit costs starting July 1, 2017.

The proposed Ontario Seniors’ Public Transit Tax Credit to help seniors with the cost of public transit.

Support for caregivers

As part of Ontario’s commitment to home and community care, we’re continuing to provide improved services for caregivers. People caring for loved ones will be better supported through access to respite care, education, training and a proposed new Ontario Caregiver Tax Credit.