What you need to know

You can now check online to see if your business or entity is in good standing with your tax obligations. Your business or entity must be tax compliant to be eligible for certain government licenses, programs, contracts and agreements (e.g. transfer payment), and to avoid penalties.

Tax Compliance Verification portal

TCV Number

The Tax Compliance Verification (TCV) portal allows you to quickly check your business or entity's tax status.

The portal will generate a TCV number which is used:

  • to show if you have met your Ontario tax obligations
  • on government applications and agreements (e.g. transfer payment) that require proof of your tax compliance status

To get your TCV number, you will first be directed to the My Ontario Account sign in page for authentication.

Benefits of the TCV online portal

Using the portal is free. Once you are set up, you can:

  • verify your tax compliance status through a TCV number
  • set up email alerts notifying you of changes in your tax status
  • learn why your status is non-compliant (if applicable)
  • learn how to become compliant (if applicable)

Before you check your tax compliance status

If you file corporate income tax or GST/HST, you are required to upload a Filing and Balance Confirmation (FBC) letter issued by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). This letter shows if you have outstanding returns or balances associated with your business number.

Visit My Business Account to obtain the letter before you verify your tax compliance status.

Steps to verifying your tax compliance

Follow these steps to verify that your business or entity is tax compliant. Use our instructional video to help you through these steps.

  1. Visit the MOF Online Services page and select Sign In or Register for TCV in the Tax Compliance Verification box. 
  2. Create a My Ontario Account using your email address and a secure password or sign in using your existing credentials.
  3. Complete the Tax Compliance Verification registration using your business information and select Tax Compliance Verification under your enrollments.
  4. Select Request TCV Number.
  5. Attach your Filing and Balance Confirmation (FBC) letter (if necessary) using the PDF available under Alternate Format.
    • Your FBC letter must be the most recent version and in the original PDF format.
    • Scanned images, JPGs and expired letters are not accepted.
    • The PDF is available under Alternate Format within your list of correspondence items in your Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) My Business Account.
  6. Select View Summary to review compliance information.
  7. Download TCV Certificate (optional).
  8. Provide an email address to receive alerts about your business or entity's compliance status and bookmark this page for future reference.

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