Who can use Employment Profile

Students, parents, guidance and career counsellors can all use the Employment Profile tool.

You don’t have to create an account or sign in first – just start using it.

How to use Employment Profile

You can search college program information by name, job or industry, or you can browse by subject.

The subjects are:

  • applied arts
  • business
  • health
  • technology

Hit the compare button to get a chart or graph comparing results for up to five programs at a time.

Start using Employment Profile

Search, browse and compare college programs using Employment Profile.

What you see in results

When you search or browse Employment Profile, you get detailed information on college programs. This includes the latest feedback from current students, graduates and employers. Because the information goes back to 2010, you can see trends.

Each result shows you:

  • number of people who graduated from a program
  • how often graduates got hired in their field of study
  • what types of jobs graduates found
  • how many of those jobs were part-time or full-time
  • how much graduates earned on average
  • how satisfied current students are – and graduates were – with their programs
  • how satisfied employers were with the graduates they hired

Where we get our information

We get the information for Employment Profile directly from colleges, graduates, students and employers. This includes using data from:

  • College Graduate Outcomes Survey
    • conducted three times a year by phone
    • asks college graduates about their success finding work
    • employers also surveyed (if graduates consent)
  • Student Satisfaction Survey
    • conducted in classes in early February
    • asks students to rate things like relevance of what they’re learning to what employers are looking for

Colleges report their graduation rates following ministry guidelines. We then use their data to calculate a graduation rate for college students across the province.