If you need help accessing primary care, a CHC can help you see doctors, nurse practitioners, social workers, dietitians and others.

You can receive health care, education and advice, as well as access to resources from other community agencies from CHCs. CHCs also work in the community to offer health promotion initiatives within schools, in housing developments, and in the workplace.


May vary by location:

  • primary health care services
  • domestic violence prevention and treatment (including counseling, addictions counseling, conflict resolution, anger management, stress management, self-esteem enhancement)
  • parenting education and parent-child resource rooms
  • anti-racist initiatives and other programs to promote tolerance, cultural diversity and acceptance of minority groups
  • education, counseling and groups related to weight/body image issues, peer relationships, healthy sexuality
  • programs for teen mothers

When to use this option

  • you do not have a health care provider
  • you are a newcomer to Canada
  • you face barriers such as language, culture, physical disabilities, homelessness and poverty
  • you have mental health or addiction issues
  • you require counseling or need some help with housing issues
  • you’re without health insurance in Ontario


You do not need a referral to use this service. You may need to be already enrolled with the CHC to make an appointment. Please contact a CHC for more details.


Contact the CHC nearest you to make an appointment. Please bring your health card to your appointment.

Find your nearest CHC


There is no fee for this service.

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