Under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA), we must review accessibility standards every five years to determine whether they are working as intended or need adjusting.

In 2015, the minister created the Transportation Standards Development Committee, a group of representatives from the transportation sector, municipalities, people with disabilities and affected government ministries, to make recommendations on our existing Transportation Standards.

About the consultation

In May 2017, the committee put forward 23 initial recommendations and asked for public feedback to help them draft their final recommendations to the Minister Responsible for Accessibility.

The recommendations focused on the following areas:

  • conventional transportation (e.g. buses, subways, streetcars)
  • specialized transportation (e.g. paratransit vehicles)
  • the duties of municipalities that license taxicabs
  • long-term goals and other areas not covered by current Transportation Standards

Read the initial recommendations.

The committee:

  • has met its legal obligations by reviewing the current Transportation Standards, including the long-term objective and all requirements that transportation organizations must follow
  • reviewed all public comments before finalizing their recommendations
  • ended with 32 final recommendations to submit to the Minister Responsible for Accessibility for consideration

Read the final recommendations.

While all feedback was reviewed, it may not be adopted when the government creates the new Transportation Standards.

Privacy and personal information

Feedback received during this consultation was considered public information and may have been given to the Transportation Standards Development Committee by the Accessibility Directorate of Ontario, to help them finalize proposed revisions to Ontario’s current Transportation Standards. This may have involved giving the Committee survey submissions and/or summaries of them.

If you submitted feedback on behalf of an organization, it was considered as the position of the organization identified.