Descriptive transcript: Digital Dealership Registration (DDR) Transforming Your Business


Digital Dealership Registration (DDR) is a web-based application enabling Ontario automobile dealerships to complete vehicle registrations online and limit the need to visit ServiceOntario centres. It is integrated with existing systems to promote a fast, easy and secure way to register a vehicle.

Eligible dealerships can apply to the DDR program to complete the following vehicle registration transactions online with ServiceOntario:

  • registering new passenger vehicles with new or pre-owned licence plates
  • issuing new vehicle permits
  • transferring trade-in vehicles that are part of a new vehicle purchase agreement
  • transferring used vehicles from dealerships to individuals
  • managing stock and conducting related activities

DDR is not replacing services provided by ServiceOntario centres. All in-person vehicle registration services continue to be available, such as:

  • registering new and used vehicles
  • transferring used vehicles during private sales or from business to business
  • registering vehicles to joint, company and fleet registrants

Benefits of applying for the program

Vehicle registration processes are critical in helping the automobile industry get clients in their cars and on the road more efficiently.

Automating the vehicle registration process by applying to the online DDR program helps to:

  • improve margins for dealerships
  • reduce the time spent dealing with vehicle related administration
  • minimize manual business processes through data validation and secure online transactions
  • lower administrative burden between dealerships and ServiceOntario


Your dealership must meet the following requirements to participate in the DDR program:

  • be in and maintain good standing with the Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council (OMVIC)
  • identify a Company Security Officer (CSO) who is an individual with contract binding authority required to submit security screening requests for authorized staff using the DDR application
  • complete security screening for all individuals who will access the DDR application and/or controlled stock
  • complete a DDR Used Vehicle Dealership Onsite Examination Checklist from an acceptable Onsite Examiner (if applicable)
    • this is not required for used vehicle dealerships associated with a new vehicle dealership already participating in the DDR program
  • enter into a Services Agreement with the Ministry of Public and Business Service Delivery
  • have a laser printer and scanner
  • have a secure space where stock (such as vehicle permits and licence plates) can be controlled


How to apply


To participate in the DDR program, dealerships must be registered with Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council (OMVIC) and be in good regulatory standing.

If your dealership is interested in applying to the DDR program, please contact us below with the following details:


  1. OMVIC number
  2. Dealership address
  3. Primary contact information:
    • contact name
    • phone number
    • email address

Submit your information

After you apply

Our ministry will review your information and contact you to provide more details about the enrollment process. This process can take up to 15 business days.

Applicants will:

  • enter into an agreement with the ministry
  • establish dealership and user profiles with the ministry to access the online application
  • adhere to privacy, security and policy requirements
  • manage government stock (licence plates and vehicle permits)
  • participate in audit and reconciliation processes