The Environmental Property Information (EPI) program is a fast and easy way for you to access information about the environmental conditions of properties in Ontario.

If you are planning to sell or develop property in Ontario, this new digital service will help you identify any potential barriers to development or resale due to problems with things like:

  • soil
  • natural water supply
  • spills

By making these requests online, you will be able to access information faster and make better-informed decisions to support property transactions and land redevelopment.

Note: using EPI to find property information online is not mandatory. You can also get property information using a freedom of information request.

What information is available through EPI

The EPI program will be rolled out in several phases over a number of years.

Beginning March 31, 2022, individuals and organizations can use the system to:

  • confirm whether records exist
  • receive a summary report of the types of records

We will continue to gather feedback throughout this phase of the program and will work to include more features in the future, such as:

  • providing property-related records within five business days
  • creating a fully automated self-service digital portal

How to submit a request

1. Request an account

To get started, send an email to eproperty@ontario.ca to request a new account. You need to include:

  • your name
  • your company name, if you are submitting a request as a business

We will then schedule an onboarding session to enroll you in the program.

2. Search the platform

With your EPI account, you can:

  • submit search queries for properties related to a single site
  • search adjacent addresses with the same owner

3. Pay the fee

The cost per search is $65.

You can pay the fee online through your account, using a credit card such as Visa, Master Card or American Express.

After you submit a request

After you submit a request, you will receive an email within five business days letting you know whether the records you requested exist. If the records exist, we will provide a summary of record types in your account.

You can also:

  • track the status of your request and receive email notifications as your request processed and completed
  • view and download the results of your search request