Schools and school boards

The following are the most recent facts and figures available for Ontario's publicly funded education system.

  • Administration: Ontario's schools are administered by district school boards and school authorities.
  • School boards are divided as follows:
    • 31 English Public
    • 29 English Catholic
    • 4 French Public
    • 8 French Catholic
  • There are 10 School Authorities, consisting of 4 geographically isolated boards and 6 hospital-based school authorities.
  • There is 1 Provincial Schools Authority.
  • There is 1 Consortium.
  • As of 2021-2022, there were 3,960 elementary and 872 secondary schools in Ontario.footnote 1

Education funding

  • For 2021-2022, the government's total investment excluding capital was estimated to be $25.4 billion.
  • For 2021-2022, the government's total capital investment was estimated to be $2.2 billion.

Teachers, administrators and early childhood educators

  • In 2021-2022, there were 127,803.77 full time equivalent (FTE) teachers, consisting of 85,574.36 elementary and 42,229.41 secondary teachers. The numbers include long-term occasional (LTO) teachers and exclude teachers on leave and teachers in Education and Community Partnership Program facilities.
  • In 2021-2022, there were 7,579.82 FTE administrators (principals and vice-principals), consisting of 5,574.31 elementary and 2,005.51 secondary administrators.
  • In 2021-2022, there were 9,599.48 FTE early childhood educators (ECEs), including LTO ECEs.

Data excludes personnel on leave. Long-term occasional (LTO) teacher data are as reported by school boards through OnSIS. The definition of an LTO teacher or LTO Early Childhood Educator may vary across school boards based on local collective agreements in place.


As of 2021-2022 the number of students in Ontario was: 2,028,685.

The following illustrates enrolment by grade and language, as of 2021-2022:

GradeEnglish LanguageFrench LanguageTotal
Junior Kindergarten112,6687,858120,526
Grade 1127,8598,656136,515
Grade 2130,1028,830138,932
Grade 3130,9848,664139,648
Grade 4134,7808,701143,481
Grade 5133,8048,482142,286
Grade 6135,6508,581144,231
Grade 7138,5518,203146,754
Grade 8140,9188,118149,036
GradeEnglish LanguageFrench LanguageTotal
Grade 9145,2447,197152,441
Grade 10143,3196,896150,215
Grade 11143,0206,580149,600
Grade 12177,1856,680183,865

Sources: As reported by schools through the Ontario School Information System (OnSIS), 2021-2022 (Preliminary as of February 3, 2023 with all schools that met identified criteria with signed-off submissions).

Data includes public and Roman Catholic schools and school authorities. Data excludes private schools, publicly funded hospital and provincial schools, Education and Community Partnership Program (ECPP) facilities, summer, night and adult continuing education schools. Data is based on headcount of students.

Education funding data on total investment from the published “Grants for Student Needs Projections for the 2022-2023 School Year” and capital investment data is based on ministry reviewed 2021-2022 revised estimates from school boards.

All data for 2021-2022 is preliminary as of February 3, 2023.

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