A parent guide to our school system

Find information to help you support your child’s success and make informed decisions about their education.

Public education

Support learning at home

Help your child develop their skills and support their learning through everyday games and activities.

Help your teen explore careers

Find out how your teen can get a jump-start in high school on a career that matches their interests while earning credits for their diploma.

Resources and parent guides

The following guides can help you understand and support your child’s learning.

Our school system

Your child’s education journey

Early years learning

The focus in these years is to build strong foundations that are central to your child’s learning and growth.

Elementary school

The focus in these years is on developing strong literacy, math, science and social studies skills that build a base for all academic achievement.

High school

The focus in these years is to help your child narrow down their interests, support their unique needs for learning and prepare them for graduation and beyond.