Students need the skills and knowledge to manage their personal financial well-being with confidence, competence and awareness of the world around them.

Financial literacy is more than just knowing about money, financial matters and having the skills to work with this knowledge. It also:

  • allows students to develop the confidence and ability to apply the knowledge, concepts and skills
  • helps students to make informed decisions while considering the ethical, societal, environmental and personal aspects of those decisions

Free Online Learning

Students and their parents can now access online lessons on how to manage money and invest wisely. These include videos and exercises that can help families talk about how financial literacy plays a role in everyday activities.

Mandatory classroom learning

There is mandatory learning about financial literacy learning in:

Making informed decisions about economic and financial matters has become increasingly complex. Students need to build knowledge and skills in a wide variety of areas. For this reason, we are continuing to integrate financial literacy in a variety of disciplines.