Alert: Family Law Information Centre services may be offered in-person and online. Contact your local service provider for more information.


Family Law Information Centres are free services available across Ontario that provide information about:

  • separation, divorce and related family law issues
  • child protection
  • family justice services
  • alternative forms of dispute resolution
  • local community resources
  • court processes

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Available resources

Family Law Information Centers offer several resources to assist with family law issues, including:

Information and referral coordinators

Information and referral coordinators are available to help you understand your family law needs and to make referrals to appropriate services. They provide information about:

  • separation and divorce
  • family mediation
  • other ways to solve issues without going to court

Information and referral coordinators do not provide legal advice. You will need to speak to a lawyer for legal advice about a family law matter.

Duty counsel

Legal Aid Ontario provides duty counsel lawyers virtually and in person at courthouses to give advice about family law matters. Duty counsel lawyers will:

  • listen to your family law issues
  • make suggestions about what you can do
  • explain the laws applicable to your situation
  • review court forms you completed or need to complete

Duty counsel lawyers are available on the day of your family proceeding, and in some instances may assist you when you go before the judge.

They cannot represent you in your court case.