Where possible, consider online filing of your civil claims, small claims or family law matters.

What we do

  • Create a fair and accessible justice system for all Ontarians.
  • Coordinate and administer court services throughout Ontario.
  • Work to modernize the justice system and provide services that are more accessible, responsive and easy to use.
  • Build safe and prosperous communities across the province by increasing access to justice and responding to the evolving needs of Ontario.
  • Provide legal advice to, and conduct litigation on behalf of, all government ministries and many agencies, boards and tribunals.

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Ministry of the Attorney General
McMurtry-Scott Building
720 Bay Street, 11th floor
Toronto, Ontario M7A 2S9

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Agencies, boards and commissions

The ministry is affiliated with the following independent agencies:


The ministry administers the following legislation:

Administration of Justice

Family Law


Property Statutes

Business Regulation

Professional Regulation

Crown Duties/Immunity



Democracy Statutes