To reflect changes in the marketplace and increased use of digital platforms, there is no longer a requirement to provide movie ratings for films shown in Ontario. The Film Content Information Act, 2020 requires film exhibitors to provide consumers with information on a film’s content instead.

For example, this may include:

  • the age of the intended audience
  • depictions of violence
  • coarse language
  • use of tobacco or other substances

Film content information

Exhibitors must provide information about a film’s content in advance of exhibition to support informed viewing choices.

Examples of information that could be provided include:

  • intended age of the audience of the film (for example, suitable for 15 years and over)
  • nudity/sexual activity or adult themes
  • violence
  • coarse/obscene language
  • substance use (for example, tobacco products, vapour products, cannabis)

The film content information must be displayed at the exhibition’s premises, or otherwise made available to the public in advance of exhibiting the film to support informed film viewing.

Exhibitors must also provide consumers with contact information for any questions or complaints.

Adult sex films are still required to be approved by any Canadian jurisdiction that engages in the review and approval of adult sex films.

The act continues to prohibit the sale, rental or exhibition of approved adult sex films to persons under 18 years of age.

Video games

Video games are rated by the industry-led Entertainment Software Rating Board. The sale and rental of video games is restricted based on requirements contained in the act.