Know your WMU

The province of Ontario is subdivided into 95 wildlife management units (WMUs). Some WMUs are split into sub-units. Each WMU has customized hunting regulations for:

  • game you can hunt
  • open season dates
  • permitted methods of hunting

It’s your responsibility to:

  • know which WMU you are hunting in
  • know and follow the hunting regulations for that WMU

Ontario Hunting Regulations Summary

Carry a map

Hunting near the boundaries of a WMU? Print and carry a map to make sure you don’t stray into a WMU with different regulations. Letter-sized WMU maps are easy to print and convenient to carry.

Boundary questions

If you have questions about the boundaries of a WMU, contact the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry office that administers the WMU, listed in the Ontario Hunting Regulations Summary.

Find your WMU

Use the maps to help you locate a WMU and its boundaries. Click to enlarge.


wildlife management unit map - north


wildlife management unit map - southeast


wildlife management unit map - southwest

North region maps (PDF)

Southeast region maps (PDF)

Southwest region maps (PDF)