Wildlife rehabilitators

Wildlife rehabilitators in Ontario are authorized by the ministry to care for injured, sick or orphaned wildlife until they can be released back into the wild. These rehabilitators work in a range of environments, from a large facility to their own backyard.

To find an authorized wildlife rehabilitator in Ontario, please view the Wildlife Rehabilitators List.

The rehabilitators included in the list have agreed to share their contact information through this website.

How to become an authorized wildlife rehabilitator

You need to pass the Ontario Wildlife Rehabilitation Exam (OWRE). Your local ministry district office or the regional wildlife specialist at your regional office can help you arrange an examination date and location. They will also provide home-study materials to help you prepare.

Study Guide for the Ontario Wildlife Rehabilitation Exam (PDF)

If you want to rehabilitate mammals you will also need to pass the rabies portion of the OWRE. Your ministry regional or district office can also help you with materials and identify a date and location for taking the exam.

Find a ministry district office

It is recommended that you volunteer with an authorized wildlife rehabilitator to gain experience before applying.

National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association