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FMZ 15 management plan update 2022

The management plan for FMZ 15 is intended to outline the status of the fisheries in the zone, describe management objectives and provide direction for management actions. We are proposing some changes to fishing regulations in this zone through the planning process such as:

  • improving brook trout, lake trout, lake whitefish and walleye sustainability, by:
    • reducing brook trout catch limit
    • changing lake trout season and size
    • reducing lake whitefish catch limit
  • providing more opportunities for smallmouth and largemouth bass fishing

The Environmental Registry of Ontario comment period for the draft management plan for FMZ 15 ended on November 28, 2022.

All comments and feedback received are being reviewed and considered. When complete, the final plan will be posted on the Environmental Registry of Ontario.

You can read more about these proposed changes on the Environmental Registry of Ontario.

Fishing rules

You can:

About this zone

FMZ 15 is located in central Ontario. This large zone has:

  • many natural lake and brook trout lakes
  • a well-developed road network and moderate angling effort
  • Algonquin Provincial Park
  • lake and brook trout stocking to increase angling opportunities
  • important recreational fisheries for lake and brook trout, walleye, northern pike, smallmouth bass

FMZ 15 is one of 20 fisheries management zones in the province.


Zone 15 is located primarily in southern Ontario and includes the cities of Pembroke, Parry Sound, Huntsville and Bancroft.
View Fisheries Management Zone 15 map using Fish on-Line or a PDF.

FMZ 15:

  • extends from Georgian Bay in the west to the Ottawa River in the east
  • its northern boundary follows the Pickerel River, Highway 522 and the northern edge of Algonquin Park
  • cities include Parry Sound, Gravenhurst, Bracebridge, Huntsville, Minden, Haliburton, Whitney, Bancroft, Deep River, Petawawa, Pembroke and Renfrew

Legal boundary map and detail maps

Legal boundary map for FMZ 15 and detail maps 1 - 32.1 (PDF)

Monitoring reports and management plans

None available at this time.

Zone advisory council

There is currently an advisory council. For more information on how you can get involved in fisheries management, contact your local district office.

General fishing rules

Dip net for lake whitefish and lake herring in Parry Sound, Bancroft, Pembroke or Algonquin Park (fisheries management zone 15)?

You can dip net for lake whitefish and lake herring only in these designated waters:

  • Aylen Lake (45°37'N., 77°51'W.) – Dickens Township
  • Bonnechere River (45°37'22"N., 77°27'08"W.) – North Algona, Fraser and Hagarty Townships, between the Tramore Bridge and Golden Lake
  • Bonnechere River (Richards Township) – between Jacks Chute and Round Lake
  • Boshkung Lake (45°04'N., 78°44'W.) – Stanhope Township
  • Canning Lake (44°56’27”N., 78°38’50”W.) – Minden and Snowden Townships
  • Carson Lake - (45°30'50"N., 77°45'31"W.) – Jones and Sherwood Townships
  • Dam Lake (45°25'18"N., 77°32'22"W.) – Radcliffe Township
  • Diamond Lake (45°22'07"N., 77°32'13"W.) – Radcliffe Township
  • Golden Lake (45°33'56"N., 77°19'29"W.) – North and South Algona Townships
  • Greenan (Kulas) Lake (45°28'16"N., 77°44'03"W.) – Jones and Sherwood Townships 
  • Halfway Lake (45°24'43"N., 77°35'52"W.) – Radcliffe Township
  • Narrows between Legrou and Chartier Lake (45°50’55”N., 79°53’00”W.) – Mills Township
  • Oblong Lake (45°10’46”N., 78°25’58”W.) – Harburn Township
  • Raglan (White) Lake (45°16'21"N., 77°30'42"W.) – Raglan Township
  • Trout (Stubbs) Lake (45°29'31"N., 77°44'36"W.) – Jones and Sherwood Township
  • Twelve Mile Lake (45°01’31"N., 78°42'22"W.) – Minden Township
  • Victoria Lake (45°37'N., 78°01'W.) – Murchison and Clancy Townships
  • Wadsworth Lake (45°26'22"N., 77°34'48"W.) – Radcliffe Township