Use FRO Online 

If you are already registered for FRO Online, or if you received an enrolment letter and need to complete the registration, you can sign in here.

FRO Online is an easy-to-use, self-service option for FRO clients. FRO Online gives you safe, secure access to:

  • your case status
  • any outstanding arrears
  • your contact information
  • current obligations
  • forms
  • active enforcements

FRO Online enables you to:

  • send us questions, information and documents
  • access real-time financial information
  • view and print your statement of account
  • complete and submit some forms

Sign up for FRO Online

To register for FRO Online:

Sign up

Please ensure to read all instructions while you are signing up for FRO Online.

During the sign-up process, we will confirm your:

  • seven-digit case number
  • date of birth
  • current mailing address

After we confirm your information, we will mail you an enrolment ID so you can complete registration for FRO Online. From the time of request, it will take five to seven business days for you to receive the enrolment ID.

Get help with FRO Online

Call us:

Please have your seven-digit FRO case number ready.

Technical help with Public Secure accounts

FRO Online uses Public Secure, Ontario’s secure login tool, which gives users access to a range of Ontario programs and services through a single login.

Get help with your Public Secure account.

Call our automated information line for details on your case

FRO’s automated information line lets you use your phone to access general information about your case, including recent transactions, 24 hours a day.

Call FRO and select the option for automated information:

To use FRO’s automated information line, you will need your:

  • personal identification number (PIN)
  • seven-digit case number you received from FRO after your case was first registered

The PIN is designed to protect your personal information. Do not share your PIN with anyone, including our staff. Treat your FRO PIN the same way you would treat a bank or credit card PIN.

Request a statement of your account

If you want an official, signed statement of your account, which is sometimes required by the court, you need to fill out a request for director’s statement of arrears form and send it to us.

Family Responsibility Office
Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services
PO Box 622
Steeles West Post Office
Toronto, Ontario
M3J 0K8

Fax: 416-240-2468

Your first statement of account is free of charge. After that, each statement will cost you $25.

Get your payment history

You can get information about payments and other transactions on your case by using FRO Online at no cost.

You can also get a transaction history by calling FRO and asking for a copy of your Schedule A.