Growing success: assessment, evaluation, and reporting in Ontario schools (grades 1 to 12)

Assessment, evaluation and reporting for students in grades 1 to 12 is based on the policies and practices described in Growing success: assessment, evaluation, and reporting in Ontario schools – first edition, covering grades 1 to 12.

Growing success aims to maintain high standards, improve student learning and benefit students, parents and teachers in elementary and secondary schools across the province.

Mathematics addendum (grades 1 to 8)

The addendum below updates the policy for reporting the achievement of students in elementary mathematics to align with the revised mathematics curriculum, The Ontario Curriculum: Mathematics, Grades 1 to 8, 2020. It replaces the policy for mathematics described on page 58 of Growing success.

The mathematics addendum was implemented in September 2020.

Completing the provincial report cards:  mathematics, grades 1 to 8

To foster a cohesive approach to both instruction and assessment across the elementary mathematics curriculum, achievement in mathematics will be reported as one overall grade/mark, with supporting comments.

Fill in the letter grade or percentage mark that best reflects the overall learning of the student in mathematics in the column headed report 1 or report 2. When assigning a grade or mark, consider the student's integrated learning across the strands you’ve taught in each reporting period.

Your comments:

  • should describe significant strengths that the student demonstrates
  • should identify next steps for improvement
  • can describe growth in learning
  • can make reference to particular strands

For more information on determining a grade or percentage mark for the report card, review the section “Evaluation” in growing success, pages 38 to 46.

Kindergarten addendum

This document describes Ontario’s policy for assessment, evaluation and reporting for kindergarten. It is similar to the policy for Grades 1 to 12, as set out in Growing success: assessment, evaluation, and reporting in Ontario schools, 2010.

This document is designed as an addendum to Growing success. It aligns with the content, philosophy and intent of The kindergarten program (2016) which is a play- and inquiry-based program designed to be developmentally appropriate for young children.

The kindergarten addendum was implemented in September 2016. We updated the appendix in 2018.

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