How it works

As an employer, you benefit from hiring a young person.

You could get:

  • an employee who is ready to work and has completed workshops to help prepare them for the workplace
  • job coaches who provide ongoing support to you and your employee
  • financial incentives to help with costs of hiring and training youth through the:
  • financial incentives to provide on-the-job training for participants in job placements through the Employment Service program
  • a placement incentive to hire, register, and train an apprentice through the Apprenticeship Employer Signing Bonus
  • additional financial help to offset training costs
You have to work with Employment Ontario to set the amount of money needed to hire and train someone through Youth Job Connection or Youth Job Connection Summer. It’s based on the specific skill level of the person you want to hire and the amount of the on-the-job training you're offering.

Who qualifies

To hire a young person, you must:

  • prove you are licensed to operate in Ontario
  • comply with workplace, human rights and labour legislation
  • have workplace safety and liability insurance
  • offer job opportunities taking place in Ontario

Who does not qualify

While municipal and provincial governments may qualify for supports, the federal government can't apply for Youth Job Connection or the summer component, Youth Job Connection Summer.

If you're already getting other government financial support for a particular position, you don't qualify.

How to hire

To hire a young person through Employment Service or Youth Job Connection and to start your application, request an appointment with an Employment Ontario job coach.

Appointment request: Employment Service

Appointment request: Youth Job Connection

Appointment request: Youth Job Connection Summer

You can also contact Employment Ontario by: