The Task Force is comprised of industry leaders and experts. They consulted with stakeholders including municipalities and advocacy groups to develop their report.

The Task Force report is part of the government’s broader plan to seek feedback from a variety of sources, including through municipal and public consultations, to identify and implement measures to address the housing supply crisis and get homes built faster.


House prices in Ontario have almost tripled in the past 10 years, growing much faster than incomes. This has made home ownership beyond the reach of most first-time buyers across the province, even those with well-paying jobs. Housing has become too expensive for rental units and it has become too expensive in rural communities and small towns. The system is not working as it should.

For too long, we have focused on solutions to “cool” the housing market. It is now clear that we do not have enough housing to meet the needs of Ontarians today, and we are not building enough housing to meet the needs of our growing population. If this problem is not fixed — by creating more housing to meet the growing demand — housing prices will continue to rise. We need to build more housing in Ontario.

This report sets out recommendations that would:

  • set a bold goal and clear direction for the province
  • increase housing density
  • remove exclusionary rules that prevent housing growth
  • prevent abuse of the appeals process
  • and make sure municipalities are treated as partners in this process by incentivizing success

Read the report from the Housing Affordability Task Force to the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing (PDF)

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